Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is it easier to parent a child or a kitten?

As John Wayne once said, "I wouldn't want to live on the difference."

The kitten has been great.  We love our Sprite, and our son has been learning lots about responsibility by having her. But now that she's getting bigger and bolder, she's been getting on the bed at night and kneading at my head, purring like a chainsaw. When I try to move her, she just comes back.

On the other hand she takes medicine much more easily than my son. Plus she doesn't lie and forget her homework. Nor is she a picky eater.

Both my son and the kitten are intelligent creatures.

Here is a side by side comparison:

Intelligent Intelligent
used to get into bed with us and gets into bed with us and wakes us up
wake us up
is sneaky is sneaky
is cute is cute
requires regular doctor visits requires regular doctor visits
doesn't always do what he's told doesn't understand what she's told 
talks a lot purrs a lot

So there it is.  There is little difference between a child and a pet. A pet us just furry and four-legged.

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