Friday, January 2, 2009

Eden Jones's Diary

Dear Diary: 

worked today:  4-hours
pounds lost: hopeful
pounds gained: afraid to check
drinks: o so far--not bad for a Friday
non-alcoholic drinks: 12 oz of coffee, one diet soda,  a cup of skim milk.
food today: cheese and crackers and half a peanut butter sandwich. Honest.
exercise: I was on my feet for most of the four hours I was at work. Also spent two hours looking for our lost kitten.  Kitten was found.
sex:  female--last I checked;
the other kind of sex:  do you feel lucky punk?
drugs: they are all prescription but you don't want to know. Courtney Love wouldn't want them.

New Years resolution(s): 
To get down to George Foreman's fighting weight;
to live another year;
 drink less diet soda(turns out the artificial sweetener in it has been loosely linked to brain tumors in some kind of rodent, but you have to drink a lot of it, and I'm not a rat);
kiss fake friends goodbye; and finally,
be more politically savvy, to make sure I don't get fooled again.

Good Night and Good Luck.

acknowledgments: Bridget Jones Diary and Edward R. Murrow.

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