Monday, January 19, 2009

I can't hear you! What did you say!

It's sense of hearing is nearly toasted.  According to an ear specialist I saw--it's toasted enough that I need hearing aids.  He thinks the reason is my  24 rounds of chemotherapy, and as reasons go--it's a pretty good one.

When I was my son's age I needed headgear for my teeth--the kind that goes over and around your head.  We called it helmet headgear.  I had my choice of colors and I chose--purple.  Yes, purple.  I think this was because Donny and Marie was on television back then and purple was his favorite color.

My takeaway from the news I need hearing aids is two-fold:  I'm struck by how much this news bothers me considering I have had worse news in my lifetime. Secondly it's a reminder that cancer doesn't go away. The treatment itself does it's own damage.  You never beat cancer, just try to live with it.

Maybe they make purple hearing aids.

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