Monday, March 19, 2012

Cracks in the foundation

We grow up thinking that our parents are like super heroes. Just a hug from mom, or some words of praise from dad will make everything better. If we are sick, the parents' magic will  make us well. Nothing hurts as much as their disappointment.  They seem perfect.

But once a person gets to be my age, the parents are older too, and their perfections have perhaps been eroded by age, and frequent use.  A grown child's system is shocked to see that the people she counted on to kick her butt, and help her in so many ways, simply can't anymore. They need some help themselves.

In my case, my father, who is one of the coolest, funniest, and smartest individuals I've ever known, recently made the painful decision that it was time to give up driving, for safety reasons. He has vision problems, and is forgetful.  Meanwhile, my mother, once again has to be an emotional rock,exercising patience, when she wants to scream. She has had to do that too often. She deserves a break.

My husband's mom is currently laid up in a PT facility, following a second fracture in her back.  As of this writing, It does not sound like she is much better. Her back is basically as brittle as fire kindling. She has always been good about flying from Chicago to Portland to see us. We will have to start taking more trips there.

Having a life-threatening illness, I'm one to celebrate being alive.

For some, though, getting older sucks.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lose a brain, gain a beemer.

Ever since I can remember, my husband has wanted a BMW. He first got the bug when our son was two years old. We headed into the sunset one day doing errands and we pull into a BMW (beemer) dealership.  He looked at a 2-series, because it was the only vehicle remotely in our price range. I killed Bruce's joy by asking to see the trunk.  It can't hold groceries, much less toddler paraphernalia, so no beemer, for now.

Flash forward to the present. My son is now 13, and I am not safe for the road, due to having a massive gaping gash in my head. I see no need for us to be a two car family.  I was pleasantly surprised when Bruce sold his Audi A4, which he liked, as it was sporty enough for him, and began driving our remaining vehicle, a Honda CRV. The Honda had roominess and fairly good gas mileage, but was apparently no fun for Bruce to drive. Lately, Bruce has been feeling confident enough in his job, that he is ready to take on the encumbrance of car payments. He goes out test driving while doing errands with our son, and it's all over! Bruce is in love, and when one is in love, no expense is too great. He takes me to see the car of his dreams. The only thing I care about is can anyone sit behind Bruce? Another is how much can we get for the CRV? Still another is the trunk size?

We were very pleased with the amount of our trade in, and so a love connection was made between us and a 528 sedan, thanks in part to the fact I cant drive anymore.  My days as a chauffeur are over. That door of independence is now officially closed.