Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my reptile list part one.

This post will take some explaining, so be patient. In college, I wrote for a conservative student newspaper called The Commentator. There I met a guy named Duane Dungannon, who frequently described other men as "loathsome reptiles".   Today I start my reptile list, to generally include both men and women, who seem to be missing  common decency, and a moral compass.

After much consideration, my first entry has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's bad enough he cheats on his wife, in their house, but then he goes and writes a book about it, in which he almost proudly admits to further indiscretions. It takes some brass balls to add insult to injury like that. All the while, he purports to be learning from his mistakes. Some egos are just too big.

More to come....