Wednesday, August 27, 2008

puppy love

Soon it will be time for my son to go back to school, and he would be dreading it like most kids, except for one motivator, the current love of his life, the "hottest" girl in school (his words). We'll call the girl "J".

Sometime last school year, my son told me he liked "J" in the "puberty" way.

Before the school year was out, his whole class knew that he liked "J" in the "puberty" way. He was asked by some classmates how he felt about her, and he chose to be painfully truthful, going so far as to explain to other classmates what "puberty" is.

My son will be going into the 5th Grade, so that makes him an expert on such things.

"J" to her credit was not mortified by this, she knows my son dances to his own beat, and she keeps reminding him how young they are.

What am I supposed to do when my son really goes through puberty? I suppose I can have my husband give him a talk on the facts of life, but he's still learning a few of them himself.

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