Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008- an open letter to politicians

Dear Politician:

As a citizen of this fabulous country I would like you to hear my voice, while I still have one.
I want authenticity from my politicians. I don't want you to kiss my butt, tell me I'm cute, or that my son is cute, just to get elected. No more bait and switch.
I don't care about your personal life, or anyone else's, but if something unsavory comes up about your past, don't try to cover it up, or blame those who found out about it. Grow a spine and own up to it--you know--part of that authenticity thing.
Furthermore, I don't care about your sex, race, or religion.  You have yours. I have mine.
By the way, I don't wear an American flag pin, but I have been known to fly the flag.  Am I a patriot? Do I love this country enough for you?
Please don't spy on me.  I look like hell naked, and my phone calls aren't that interesting, unless you like hearing me say, "Hi, just checking in!"
I believe our current President has turned lemonade into lemons, and diamonds into coal. 
If you think he's the best President ever, or even a good one, my husband wants what you're smoking.
If you think there isn't a problem with our nation's health care, you can pay my next $41,000 surgery bill, or $2000 a month for chemotherapy. Of course, I shouldn't gripe, my husband has insurance--as long as he stays employed. No pressure, though.
My son goes to public school, where his teacher is overworked, and he is tested to death.
He does well on his tests, but these tests show nothing about what he's learning, or what his potential is. Please improve the public school system.  We pay for it.
Finally, remember, you work for me.  This is my government as much as it is yours. 
Sincerely yours,

Eden Jones

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