Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just for the halibut

I was looking in the mirror as I was performing my morning absolutions--brushing my teeth--drying my hair, and so on, when I thought to myself, my face looks like a halibut's. Moreover, people's faces can probably be categorized into two basic types--halibut or grouper.

I tried to find some pictures of halibut (and grouper) to illustrate my point, but none that I found showed the heads very well. So I will try to describe how these fish look.  

A halibut is a big and ugly fish (but good eating).  I saw some up close and personal when I visited an aquarium. Its eyes are lopsided, with one looking forward, and the other on the side of its head, causing the fish to tip to the side.

The grouper appears to have sad looking eyes and a weak jaw.

I have a lazy eye, so I can look at people with one eye, and use the other to view my surroundings. Brain surgery no doubt has exacerbated this problem. All in all, I'd say that makes me a halibut. My husband I'd say leans more toward the grouper.

I guess that makes my son a seafood platter.


Yukon said...

I think the spousal unit and I are groupers!

Yukon said...

Eden, may I add, this is the most RANDOM thing I have ever read. And you know I am a BIG fan of that! :)