Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flying First Class

My boy loves his toys--until he loses them. 

About five days ago, he ordered a pack of "Batman" themes miniature action figure for a game called "Heroclix".  Of course, ever since he ordered them, I've been  hearing things like:

"What day is it?"
"Is it here yet?"
"Can I go get the mail?"

By the way, the shipping was more than the action figures, but no matter, my son paid for it with his allowance.

After much (im)patience on his part, it arrives today.  He opens the package and says:

"I got the Riddler. He's rare!"
"I got a flying thing.  He's awesome"

He was hoping his package would come today, so he could take its contents with us this weekend when we go yurt camping near the Southern Oregon Coast. 

He says: "They're going first class..a.k.a...I'm going to put them in a special bin that doesn't have too many things in it."

A.k.a.: Son's a little excited, and I'm glad...a.k.a. mom,

At least until he loses his new toys at the yurts, and blames me.

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