Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leroy Sievers R.I.P

I first became aware of Leroy Sievers, when I watched the Discovery Channel documentary Living with Cancer, which aired May 2007.

Leroy Sievers spent many years as a journalist, some of them as Executive Producer of Nightline.

In recent years, he is perhaps best known for his podcasts on NPR, and his blog "My Cancer".

Like many others I would read Sievers's blog over a strong cup of coffee, first thing in the morning.  When I performed that morning ritual yesterday, there was bad news--Sievers had lost his 2 1/2 -year battle. 

What I liked about the blog, is that it addressed  cancer and death head-on, but at the same time Sievers loved writing about days where he didn't feel like he was in the "cancer world".

He will be missed, and even if NPR continues with the "My Cancer" blog, I don't think anyone can bring the frankness and humanity to it that Sievers did.

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Yukon said...

I didn't realize he had lost the battle. I loved listening to his reports on NPR. They were great. Very sad to hear this...