Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Canadians Here!

As I'm writing this, it's hard to hear, my husband is playing "Wide Spread Panic" with the amps at 11 (see Spinal Tap).

Have you ever tried to take a child someplace he/she thinks he/she doesn't want to go? Many of us have.

Horror of horrors! We did the unthinkable and asked our son to accompany us to a family birthday party.

Before the party: "Who's going to be there?" "Will there be munchkins?'

Munchkin by the way is his term for any child younger than he is. I also should add that both me and my son are 4'10" on a good day.

I commit a parental error and tell him that his cousin will be there. I'll get to why this was an error later

On the way to the party, son says: "Will there be any Canadians there?"


He's been saying things like that lately. My guess is it has to do with the fact he takes the Weird Al song "Canadian Idiot" (parody of the song "American Idiot) a little too seriously.

We get to the party, and his cousin doesn't show up. Cousin is at the beach with his dad and grandma. Apparently the parental error on my part was that I did not know this, and yet, told 
him he would have his cousin to hang out with.

His cousin wasn't there, but neither were any Canadians.  Hard to tell though.  No one was wearing an American flag pin.

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