Saturday, August 23, 2008

My list of torture songs

 In an earlier post I mentioned songs my son has sung at least 100 times too many.
 I promised that when my brain stopped hurting, I would come up with a list. It's not so much a list of songs I  hate, so much as a list of artists that make me wish I were at the dentist getting a root canal:

  1. Primus (one of their discs is called Sailing on a Sea of Cheese--need I say more)
  2. some Frank Zappa (talented musician and composer, but on his live records talks too much)
  3. Helmet (just plain old-fashioned deep hurting)
  4. some Blue Oyster Cult (sorry husband and son --Buck Dharma rocks, but I do fear the reaper)
  5. Butthole Surfers ('nuff said)
I may add to this list later. To the two readers out there--feel free to pelt me with rocks and garbage or otherwise offer your comments.  

1 comment:

Yukon said...

I will not pelt you or fart in your general direction. I really like BOC, but agree there are some songs that would have been better off not made at all. I guess my list was an "artists" list as well, more than a song list. But the THEME FROM TITANIC would be played in my own personal version of HELL ON EARTH. I swear, just thinking about it makes me cringe and get into "fight or flight" mode.