Thursday, August 14, 2008

Handel vs. Buck Dharma

I'm off to a guitar lesson.  I am learning classical guitar hoping to find my inner rock star. I have been trying to learn a Handel piece and it has been the stuff of nightmares.  Meanwhile, my son, once again, wanted to hear Blue Oyster Cult on the way home from a friend's house. That's where the Buck Dharma part of this post's title comes in.  Dharma is the lead guitarist (and a damn good one) for BOC.  On my son's BOC playlist tonight--  E.T.I (extra terrestrial intelligence), Don't Fear the Reaper, and This ain't the Summer of Love.

Back from my guitar lesson. No surprises.  I suck. Wonder how "Godzilla" sounds on the acoustic guitar?


Yukon said...

I want to HEAR GODZILLA ON ACOUSTIC. I'd pay good $ for that! lol. I can have my child do his "rockin' out dance" to it, but I'm sure, with the tact and diplomacy he inherited from his mother -- he would point out to you that it didn't "sound right!" :0)

Eden Jones said...

Yukon, You don't want to hear "Godzilla" on the acoustic guitar, but just for grins, how much $$$ are we talking about? By the way, I enjoy reading your comments. Keep reading!