Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our trip to Umpqua

Three years running, our family has been invited by some dear friends of ours to go camping in yurts near the Umpqua Lighthouse on the Southern Oregon Coast. As camping goes, yurt camping isn't roughing it.  A deluxe yurt has a private bathroom, heat, futons to sleep on, a fridge and a microwave oven.

Despite all of the comforts, one can still enjoy the beauty(and quiet) of the forest.
As I was cooking lunch one day, this wandered by our campsite:

This baby deer wasn't alone.  It was looking for lunch with it's mom and sibling. My son says the Doe gave its babies the deer version of the skunk-eye when she caught them fighting over a huckleberry.

Meantime we were walking distance from a lake. I walked the trail around it almost every morning. We all loved to swimming and kayaking in the water.  My husband tried to get pictures of our son playing on the water, but as you can see he was too far away:
On another positive note, It was my first chemo-free yurt trip. One does not want to be camping even in a yurt, whilst on chemo. It made for a pleasurable unofficial end to summer.
Back to reality.

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