Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Everyone needs a Sam."

We've been watching the Lord of The Rings trilogy on DVD.  In the movies, the hero, Frodo, has a loyal friend  named Sam who accompanies him on his quest to destroy the powerful ring. Many times, the power of the ring overwhelms Frodo, and he questions Sam's loyalty.

While watching yesterday ( I can't remember which of the movies), we came upon a scene where Frodo is delirious and lashing out at his friend, Sam.

Sam says,  "Mr. Frodo. It's me.  Your Sam." 

My son has a best friend, also named Sam, which prompted my husband to say, "Everyone needs a Sam," meaning everyone needs a loyal friend.

My boy could have said anything, but true to form he had to sneak in a one-liner:

"Yes," he says, "Sam's are good for your colon."

So, I guess, by my son's pretzel logic, friends help you poop.

In ten years of being his mom, I have yet to figure my son out. I'm open for suggestions.

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Yukon said...

may I just say that I am happy to know I am not the only one who watches (and rewatches) the L of the Rings trilogy? I feel like the biggest geek and I'm glad to know I am not alone in this. My husband seems immune and I always thought it was supposed to be a "guy thing." What this says about me??? I'm frightened to contemplate! Yet another role reversal for us -- he clips coupons and shops carefully. Me? I shop like my Dad -- I'm in, I fill the cart with what I want plus a few impulse buys -- and I'm outta there. I have no clue what things cost and I forget to use the coupons even when I bring them!

As for THe Bird....well, his observations are always enjoyable and completely obscure!!! Gotta love THAT!