Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Put a shirt on!

Almost every morning, I take my son to school.  On this day, before driving him to school, I adorned myself with a workout outfit my son was quick to tell me I had no business wearing.

That's one of many things I love about him--brutal honesty.

The outfit consisted of blue cropped pants and a top.  Son took umbrage with the top-- a tank top with a "racer-back". If you believe my son, the top didn't cover me enough. So he said:

"Are you taking me to school in that?"

This cracks me up, as my son has been known to choose sweaters to wear on a 90-degree day.
But today,  he's my fashion police.

"Yes," I reply.

"That's just wrong!" says the fashion police.


"Put a shirt on!" fashion police commands.

I do, and as always we hear Blue Oyster Cult on the way to school.

Yes, I did actually have to get approved to be a parent.  I sure fooled them, didn't I?

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Yukon said...

I have a son who critiques as well. For example, when I wear shorts and he says "are your thighs SUPPOSED to look all SQUISHY like that?!" And the ever popular "Mom, can't you talk Dad into spending the $ to get all those purpley veins removed?" Ah yes, that's love for you! He says "you look really good though, Mom." I am coaching him that pointing out flaws in his future girlfriends would be a very bad strategy if he even intends to marry/hook up and reproduce! He is listening....!