Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years later, you have to ask yourself the question: Do I feel safer?

In general I will try not to make this blog political.  As a busy mom with brain cancer, who has a spirited boy, I don't pretend to have a perfect grasp of the issues. However, today I must remember one of the scariest events to happen in my lifetime.


It's my generation's day that will "live in infamy".  On that day, my son was 3-years-old.  We, along with many other Americans had the "news"on, frankly because the way the day was going, we weren't sure what or who was going to be attacked next. Secondly, I can't speak for others in my immediate family, but at least I wanted to hear what President George W. Bush (remember him?) was going to say. If  you want to remind yourself what he said, it's easy enough to look up on the internet. It was actually a pretty good speech, but it was made seven years ago, and this is today. 

Having such a young son at this time presented a bit of a problem. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't keep him from  seeing the continuous video loop of planes crashing into buildings, and 
people running for their lives.  That's the news business today-- a game of one-upsmanship, and the viewers pay the price.

Anyway, my son's reaction was sad but predictable. He was crashing his toy planes like he saw on TV, and had nightmares.

Off went the TV.

Seven years later, I'm not sure I feel safer.  I believe hatred toward this country has escalated, when immediately following 9-11, the world expressed it's sympathy for the U.S.

Again I'm just a brain tumor mom, but I'm wondering what happened to that sympathy, and what happened the the feeling of unity that many Americans had following the attacks.

Life changed forever after 9-11, yet it seems with the "war on terror" that was ignited by the attacks of that day, we've been living the same nightmare ever since.

Wake me up when September ends.

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