Monday, September 15, 2008

King for a day--or at least an afternoon!

 A couple of housekeeping notes:  First this blog site  now includes a poll.  The last one was regarding the presidential race (thank you to the one person who voted). Whoever voted (Yukon perhaps) is an Obama supporter. 

Please check the latest poll, which asks (my one or two followers) what should be the most important issues in the upcoming election.

On another quick note, as promised in an earlier blog, I found out the result of my scan. The residual tumor does not show up much on the scan, which is great news! If an awake craniotomy plus 24 rounds of chemotherapy can't whip a tumor's ass,  I'll just get a sharper whip.

On to business:  I had a fabulous weekend watching football.  Yes, you read that correctly, I watched football--college football to be exact.

But this wasn't just any game.  It was a game between my alma mater, University of Oregon, and my husband's alma mater, Purdue.  All you need to know about the UO as a learning institution is that the movie Animal House was filmed there.  All you need to know about Purdue is that popcorn king Orville Reddenbacher is an alum.

So like any football fan, I perch in a comfy chair, with a beer. Don't take this the wrong way, but I feel like a man.  I say to my husband, "It's good being a guy isn't it?"  He agrees it has its moments.

Both teams suck, but Purdue takes the early lead, and UO throws a few interceptions. ThenUO's running back decides he has fire in his belly and takes a punt and turns it into a touchdown. On a bad note, UO loses yet another quarterback, I believe to a knee injury.

Still UO wins the game in double overtime! It's a symbolic victory.  I'll take any I can get.

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