Friday, February 20, 2009

How Much Can My Head Be Messed With?

An update on our kitten Sprite.  We love her.  I've been especially pleased to see how my son has taken to her.  I have one gripe: She likes my head--way too much.  There's no accounting for taste I guess.

She demonstrates this every time I lie down and/or try to go to sleep.  She kneads on my head.
This would be fine if she didn't have claws, and if I didn't have a fragile skull.  But I had brain surgery, and she likes to go right for where my stitches used to be, sticking her tongue out and purring the entire time.  

I've been trying to put a stop to this by closing her in our bathroom with a mat, food and water, and most importantly, her box.

Then my husband, not knowing of my plan, I guess, let her out of confinement, back to the comfort of my head and scalp.

I took this as a message that maybe I was being too harsh with the kitten, and my husband said, "It won't change her behavior." "You need to move her every time she does this." To which I replied, "What would you do if she were scratching on your head all night?"

"Good point, "  he said.

So I've been  teleporting the kitten to another pillow, when she starts treating my head like one.  After doing this dance about 100 times, we both get some sleep, until about 6am, when I have to get up anyway.

Perhaps I should consult a cat whisperer, or teleport myself. But where?

I don't think there are any Eden shelters. I suppose I can sleep in the bath.

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Yukon said...

a la: The Beatles!!! Hey, Ede's speaking of this, you should read a book called "ANIMALS MAKE US HUMAN" by Temple Grandin (sp?). It's REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good. She also wrote a book called "Animals in Translation." No, they are not boring (I feared they might be). They are FASCINATING -- as is she as an AUTISTIC WOMAN who has her Ph.D in animal behavior. She is like the pre-eminent animal studies expert and she is really interesting in and of herself. In any case, there might be some clues in there as she has a chapter that goes into cats, their evolution, their behaviors in a lot of detail. FYI>