Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dedicated to Monty Python--again.

Dear Eden,

I must again complain in the strongest possible terms about your blog, particularly your recent posts. I couldn't follow your train of thought--AT ALL! Your brain tumor isn't growing is it, dear?

E.G. from Tigard.

Dear E.G.

Thanks as always for your concern.  I do not know if my tumor is growing.  I'll find out for sure when I get my billionth MRI in March.  Regarding my recent posts, I can't follow my train of thought, either. Part of the purpose of my blogging is to chronicle the declining state of my mind. It appears in that respect, my blog has been a overwhelming success. 

But to help you out a little, the point of the  "Monkey Mind" post was simply to state what you already know:  I'm f@#cking crazy!

The message of the "Facebook and cancer" post was initially to note how much Facebook is like cancer--it grows. Instead the post turned out to be about me wondering aloud about the timing of my joining Facebook.

I think--no I know--my tumor has given me adult ADHD.  In order for my posts to make more sense, I will need to write down my thoughts as I have them.


P.S.  You must be crazy, too.  You're writing to yourself again.  

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...shut the hell up, E.G. She is a BRILLIANT person! If you had gone to the group, then you would understand (he bored me to tears...btw).