Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Veruca's back!

Just to get you up to speed. Veruca is what I call my plantar wart(s) because another name for a plantar wart is Verruca Plantaris. Why she decided to make me her host I will never know. But she loved me so much she multiplied and divided and colonized my heel. I did the home remedies--the duct tape, the acid creams and plaster bandages. Finally one podiatrist gave up on me and sent me to another for laser surgery. It is too bad I like to walk, because you can't after laser surgery.. here's why:

First week in August, I will go to the dermatology department at OHSU. I hope that whatever they decide to do with me, that I will be able to walk, specifically the Brain Tumor, which is also in August.

Speaking of my brain, chemo comes tomorrow, and the next week I swallow it.

Try not to be jealous.

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TinaE said...

that is disgusting!