Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Princess and the Prune Prance through Pendleton

The Prune says to the Princess, "I'm looking for adventure. Can you take me on your quest to meet the cowboy from Idaho known as CMC?"

"Sure Thang Honey!"

The one called Prune was aptly named, because at age 44, her skin was rather wrinkled. The one called Princess was also aptly named. Tall and beautiful, she was every cowboy's dream.

And so one day, these two opposites drove the dusty highway in a red bug, armed only with cookies and enough clothes for overnight. About mid-day, they got tired and pulled over and checked into the nearest motel.

Princess gets a ringy dingy.

Princess? This here is the cowboy CMC. meet me for grub at sundown.

Can I bring my friend prune? She's extra ripe.

Well. I'm not big on prunes, but I'll try one.

It should be noted that the cowboy CMC was also an outlaw, wanted in several western states for stealing horses and bibles. It was the princess and the prune's goal to bring him to justice. Having grub with him would give them their chance.

CMC, Princess, and Prune met up at an old saloon in downtown. Princess and Prune were in their cowgirl finest sitting having beers, when they heard the sound of spurs--kching, kching, kching.

"Hey You!" Princess says to CMC. "Mighty good to see you."
"Pleasure's mine Little Missy,"CMC responded in a voice barely audible.
Prune, easily offended, got red in the face and demanded, "Who in the hell are you calling 'Little Missy?'" and kicked CMC in the knees, and then threw her bag of cookies at him, leaving quite a mark on his left eye.

"Good job, Prunie!" Princess said. "I'll tie him up and we can put him in the back of the bug and take him to jail."

And they did just that. Their reward? Two dollars.

And a dozen cookies

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