Friday, July 8, 2011

Facebook has ruined friendship and love

My friend Carrie and I have had this conversation. We don't like how with FB you can "friend" someone you don't care about. It was with this in mind, that we pared down our old pages and started new ones, the idea being that the friends on our new pages would be our real friends.

That said, one of my "real" friends has over 500 FB friends. The egotistical part of me wonders where I rank..499 perhaps?

I also see the word "love" bantered about. For example "love you!" someone will comment or post.

I want the word love to mean something. And I want to know who my real friends are.


Pat Rogers said...

Hi Eden. I don't know if I'm the friend that you are talking about, but if I am since (thanks mostly to the UK TSSS) I do have over 500 friends)I want to assure you that I do think of you as a real friend and I would never, ever, click like or use the word love (etc) without meaning it. I'm a Yorkshire woman. We don't do that. Ever. Please don't lose touch if you stay off faceboook. I have enjoyed responding to your posts and I am very sad to think that I might have lost a friend. Love from Patxoxo

Anonymous said...

Pat. Feel free to email meat

Pat Rogers said...

Thanks Eden! Will do xxx