Monday, July 11, 2011

Healing time at the beach

My recent posts have been very negative. Thankfully, this past weekend, I got some healing that was long overdue.

My sister has a beautiful beach house in Manzanita, Oregon, a beach town just south of Cannon Beach. One need only step outside to get spectacular views. Above are pictures I took during a short walk.

My family and I also had a very fun time heckling two of the worst movies ever made
Dunderklumpin and Manos: The Hands of Fate.

The first one has a nice premise. It's a holiday movie about how "treasure" can be found non-material things. However, it plays as if everyone involved in the film was taking drugs. With the strange music and editing, it is a wonder anyone can follow the "plot." Our nephew Simon was offering a running commentary regarding the many problems with this movie and I laughed so hard I cleared my lungs on several occasions.

The second movie was my husband's contribution to this bad movie festival. There are so many things wrong with Manos, I can't separate them all. But for starters, it was made by a fertilizer salesman from El Paso, Texas. The sequence where the family drives through the desert lasts way to long, and it was shot with a camera that could only shoot I think 30 seconds of footage at time. It shows.

Watch these movies only if you want to punish yourselves.


TinaE said...

nice photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're finding pleasure in life again.

Eden Jones said...

Me too anon!