Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's My Password?

I'm part of the technology age, I guess.  I have accounts with the following.

The Huffington Post
Yahoo groups
My UHC (the website for my medical insurance company)

There may be more.  If so, I can't remember them right now.  Which brings me to my problem with the above accounts: I can't remember my passwords!  I used to riddle my desk with post-it notes, but I got tired of the paper, so I added the accounts to my address book in Ical. It's helped a little. However, I need to remember what accounts I've entered into my address book and/or remember to add account information into my address book.  If I only had a brain.


Tina said...

I figured that out years ago. I bought a cheap-o address book and put in websites by name (i.e. Facebook under F). I put in my sign-on i.d. and password there. It helps TONS!

Chris McNaught said...

I used a neat program called Roboform. It generates passwords for new accounts, remembers them, and automatically fills in the proper blanks.

It has one master password to remember, which is good for me.

It's not free, but it's reasonable.