Sunday, March 1, 2009

Basement Update

I'm finally starting to see things get back to normal in the basement following our plumbing disaster of 2009.

We have ordered new carpet and flooring  and have created extra storage, and in the meantime de-bulked, albeit not enough. Sadly the new carpet and flooring are necessary due to the nature of the damage.

My husband, may or may not sell his model trains.  Lately, his hobby has been World of Warcraft. When I blog or get on Facebook, I work in the basement.  My calendar that keeps me from going over the edge is also on the computer, which is in the basement.

When a mini-disaster like this happens, my biggest problem is deciding what to do first in terms of cleanup.  Where does one begin?  Once someone gives me a push I can rock and roll, but don't ask me to figure out where to start..anything. The ability to do that must be in the part of my brain that's gone and has been replaced by space junk.

After a week of feeling out of control,  I now have a handle on this expensive mistake and project that resulted from the plumbing disaster of 2009.

Some calm until the next crisis happens. As crises go, I've had worse.

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