Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you aren't dead, does that make you healthy?

I get the impression sometimes that this is my husband's attitude,  and it's not a bad one--it's just wrong.

Today, as I was preparing to go see my 95 year-old grandma,  he described her as "healthy".  He has also referred to me as "healthy" on occasion. 

By his definition, then, you are healthy if you:
  • need to wear a diaper
  • are immobile
  • can't see
  • can't hear
  • are missing teeth
  • can't feed yourself
  • need a million pain pills 
  • need an MRI every 4 months
  • have some of your brain missing
I understand what my husband means--that my grandma is doing well for someone her age, and likewise that I'm doing well for someone who has had big head trauma.

My point is that quality of life is important. It takes more to be alive than simply not being dead, although it helps to not be dead if one is to live.


Chris McNaught said...

So then I wonder what your husband would call me?

I don't feel "healthy" but I could add some things to the list:
- have at least 6 different doctors
- been to the ER at least 4 times in the last 6 months
- have PIC line (or have recently removed one
- not be able to take medication for your major ailment

I could go on, but why.

I know I'm healthier than some.

Eden Jones said...

he would say you are perfect--never better,