Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meet the new post...same as the old post.

My condolences to any readers of my blog who may tire of my repeating myself.  It tires me out too. I mean, how many ways can I say cancer sucks, and parenting is hard, and my husband lives in his happy fantasy world. So here are some quick hits about what's happening in my happy fantasy world:

cancer update: No cure for brain cancer, but living with it okay. The human body is truly amazing.

son update: I really hope I don't die before I see him become the success I know he can be. He turns 11 at month-end.

marriage update: Almost 15 fun-filled years of marriage--19 years total in a relationship with the same man.  Hard to say who has needed more strength over the years--me or him. He may be a control freak, but I'm a freaky woman with a brain tumor.

work update: volunteer work keeps me out of trouble, and my son needs my attention.

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