Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A half-baked blues song

I've got a boy
Who says he likes math
But he makes a few mistakes
Because he works too fast
And I say hey
He's got the homework blues
He's already been in school all day
Now he's got the homework blues.

Well I try to help him
He yells "Get out of my room!"
He flings his pencils at me
And I say "No TV for you.!"
And I say hey
I've got the homework blues
I need armor to dodge the pencils
So I have the homework blues

The teacher, she's supposed to teach children
or she gets the parents' wrath
Every day she comes home with a headache
And needs a nice warm bath
And I say hey
She's got the homework blues
The kids complain they get too much
So even she's got the homework blues

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