Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye to the "zeros"!

Tomorrow begins a new decade. To ring it in, I would like to review why in my opinion 2000-2009 sucked:

An American Idiot president was elected (twice). My mind is still boggling about that one. Okay so maybe George W. Bush seemed like an Everyman, someone you would want to have a beer with, but it turns out, more qualifications are needed to be president. He answered an awful attack on our country by arguably being the World's Bully, while seeming to ignore a natural disaster at home.

That tactic didn't work in my opinion..

I must add, however, that those progressives who elected our current president, thinking there would be change, have a long wait ahead.

The zeros marked the evolution of seizure girl to tumor girl. After carrying a lump in my head since at least 1999, I found out in 2006 that the lump is a special, malignant one, forcing a risky brain surgery that changed me forever. That same year my father-in-law, and my parents' best friends died. Stress! You betcha!

The gift that keeps on giving from the zeros has to be the Great Recession. My husband was laid off from his job along with other remote employees. Yes, hiring remote employees apparently is no longer a cost-cutting measure. Having one person do the work of three, IS.

On the positive side, the decade ended with me reconnecting with my estranged grandmother on my father's side. She passed away this year, but it was great to get to know her.

So I'm excited for 2010 to get here. I'm hopeful my husband will get a job, that I will continue to live with what's left of my brain, and go to my 25th high school reunion and marvel at how old I am.

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Yukon said...

Well, in actuality, he was only "elected" once. But that in and of itself boggles the mind. Though to have two "FL" circumstances two elections in a row -- FL and OH -- still is a head scratcher, but I supposed it's possible for lightening to strike twice and what is done is done and all that.

And yes, you are right, Obama will not do all we hope. But he's a breath of SOME fresher air. However, he is a pragmatist and does reach across the aisle. However, no one else does, which means you get little traction. I wish he'd push harder, but he just may not. It's disappointing and yet, he ran of being a moderate and he is one, so there you go. I don't know what to say. When you inherit the worlds biggest pile of poo, you can shovel and shovel and it can still seem like you've made no headway! Especially when "the hill" keeps making more as fast as you shovel!