Monday, December 21, 2009

I had another post ready to publish, but today we got some potentially discouraging news on the job front. Let me bring you up to date: I have a brain tumor, for which I had surgery that by a doctor's definition, left me temporarily physically disabled, and permanently cognitively disabled. Meanwhile my husband lost his job and his benefits in July. He's had leads, but no offers for new work. When he was first laid off, I thought about getting a "real" job, but was advised not to, due to my condition.

I would be okay with this, if there were light on the horizon, but it's near year end, and there is none--yet. So what exactly should I do? Nothing is not an option. I'm on the government waiting list for jobs for people who are disabled, but government moves slow.

Bottom line--I can't wait and do nothing.

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