Tuesday, August 23, 2011

self esteem

Two things are prompting this post, one is I'm seeing a number of males who have similar body-image/self esteem issues that females have. They want to lose weight, or they want more hair. The other is an article about Turner Syndrome forwarded to me by a woman in the TS community.

Regarding males and self esteem, its somewhat refreshing to know that males feel pressure to look good. God knows girls and women do, so why not men. I have to say though that I believe it's easier for a man to be overweight, for example, than it is for a woman. I think that is because I can honestly say that I have never judged a man, solely by his physical appearance.

Regarding the TS article, it was actually about how a girl with the syndrome can be diagnosed in the womb, so that HGH (human grown hormone) injections can start early. What bothered me about it was how in describing TS, the words abnormal and defective came up too often in reference the missing chromosome in TS girls (others have 46 chromosomes, TS girls have 45), and non existent secondary sex characteristics(breasts and womanly stature).

I think it was my 8th grade year, two boys, James Salisbury and Scott Blake, decided to play "Fuck with the dwarf". Scott told me James wanted to go out with me. He didn't. I assumed my looks had something to do with the prank. I do hope that before I die, I can put this unhappy incident in my life behind me.

In the meantime, I hope our society encourages and enforces the notion that beauty is not on the outside.

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