Saturday, August 6, 2011

Does lightening strike twice?

So, I go to visit the dermatology department at Oregon Health and Science University to have a doctor look at the stubborn warts on my left heel. Just for grins, the doctors also checked out my many constellations of moles on my back, ears, arms, nose and face. One on my right ear looked suspicious enough because of its coloring, that the resident took a sample for biopsy. Obviously, I am hoping that it is not cancerous, but I won't know for another week or so. It would be funny, in a sick gallows humor kind of way, if I had two different kinds of cancer.

As for Veruca and her sisters? They will be frozen in a series of treatments, but after I complete my summer business of walking in the Portland Brain Tumor Walk.

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Pat Rogers said...

*sigh* That's ALL you need. Let us know how it goes. Hopefully it will be fine. xoxo