Thursday, August 11, 2011

not bad, but not so good either.

I received a call with the biopsy results of some skin tissue taken from my ear. Apparently, it shows that I have atypical nevus or, in plain English, a strange looking mole. Duh! I thought that's why a resident whacked in my ear in the first place.

But do I have skin cancer? Do I have melanoma?

No, I'm told, but the path report recommends surgery to remove what's left of the mole.

I call the surgery scheduler, who says she wants the surgeon to look at the pathology report, after which, she'll call me back.

"How does next Thursday work?" I'm asked.

"Do you have any openings on Friday?"

"Not for a month, and we don't recommend..."

I'm assuming she means I shouldn't wait that long.

So next Thursday, I will once again make an offering to science. Between my two brain surgeries, and my hundreds of planter warts, I am already more intimate with science than I care to be, but this is how I've been rolling for awhile.

Regarding the planter warts, doctors have tried vaporizing with lasers, next they will try freezing.

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Pat Rogers said...

Good luck. Glad it's being done quickly- waiting is the worst part in some ways, I remember that from my heart op. xxx