Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If I could post Facebook status updates...

It has been nearly a month since I left social media. I feel like an alcoholic at an AA meeting. name is has been almost a month since my last post.

I am going through kind of a withdrawal. I got a sick high from people who would like my posts enough to "like" them, or comment. During the time I have been off, some things have popped into my head that I would have posted as as status updates:

  • I speak fluent bullshit.
  • On my walk, I have passed by the same pile of dog barf for the last two weeks.
  • Can I raise my debt ceiling?
  • Had a nice time seeing some former classmates at the Hillsboro Market.
  • I've lost 15 pounds since I started using "my fitness pal" an iPhone app, last November.
  • I'm getting ready to do Portland Brain Tumor Walk again.
Still, I want to stay away from social media. Lots of communication, but most of it gets lost in translation.

1 comment:

Pat Rogers said...

Some of what has been said in the TS facebook groups has been making me tear my hair out. I couldn't so wqithout my daily fix now though.......