Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Turd Years

Especially since I am an adoptive parent, I cannot fail in my charge to make my son a good citizen. No consequence seems great enough to teach him common sense. He is 12 and in seventh grade--the Turd Years, as our friend has dubbed this stage of life.

He is a very smart young man, but will forget about or misplace assignments. His math teacher offered to work with him after school hours to help him catch up. I suggested he accept her help, but he seemed offended that she didn't appreciate his math prowess. How dare she want him to turn something. in that was due IN DECEMBER!

Turd Years indeed.

In addition, I closed my Facebook account, and made him close his because he kept blocking me and posting threatening messages. When he found out that didn't work, he got mad at me for invading his privacy.

What I'm wondering is this: If the pre-teens are The Turd Years, then what are the teen years? The I'm an Infatuation Junkie and I know everything years?

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