Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Breakfast Club

I got reacquainted with one of my favorite movies, The Breakfast club. I purchased it on iTunes and watched it on my phone. If I were a teacher, I would consider showing it to students, perhaps uncut; although, there is foul language and the kids in it get stoned.

Students in Middle and High school feel awkward and a need to belong--anywhere. I believe the movie makes the point that, while the need to belong is a normal desire for a school kid, no clique is superior to another. Example:

Princess: "So (physics club) is an ACADEMIC Club."..."It's not the same as other types of clubs."

Bender: "But to dorks like him, it is."

It also makes the point that despite all the attitude and bravado, high school kids are still just kids.

By the way, I am most like the basket case.

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