Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is a piece I wrote from a writing group I just joined. Members of the group picked a word and wrote what came to mind. My word was "debt". Here's what I wrote:

Owe too much money
Have the recession blues.
Where has all the money gone?
Did it go to good use?

Do we need what we have?
Do we have what we want?
Do we have enough?
Yes, we probably do.

When did money become so important?
Can we ever pay back what we owe?
Some things don't have a price tag.
Those that mean the most.

Will the World come to an end?
Is this debt like a tsunami
Drowning me and carrying me away?
Can we ever pay back what we owe?
Can we ever stop thinking of what we are owed?

Can we ever stop saying, "I want, I want?"
And instead start saying,
"There is enough. I am content."
Yes, we probably can..Someday.

Does debt matter when there are other important issues?

Not Really.


Time to give up material things and perhaps pursue more spiritual goals.
Can you do that?
You have to now!
You are in debt!

Pay the Piper.
He won't wait.

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