Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying to close the door on Grim who has come to talk about the reaping

Grandma was way out of it today. She can't eat without help, and doesn't know what she wants when she has help. She is being kept comfortable, but near as I can tell will basically starve and dehydrate to death. I try to feed her and she gags. I give her drink and she says it's burning her throat. It's hard to watch, but death happens to us all, and there is no pretty way to get it done.

I think the best we as people can hope for is to not leave too much unfinished business. Sadly my grandma has bad blood between herself and her four kids that probably won't be made good before she dies--unfinished business. I would not have gotten to know her had my sister not looked her up. I am glad I have had the chance to be with this grandma. I didn't have that opportunity with my other grandparents.

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Tina E. said...

I took care of my grandpa as he died, and he was the same way. He could no longer eat, drink or even swallow. He even had to wear a diaper in his last week or two of life. He was really embarrassed that his granddaughter had to wipe him clean. It was very painful for me as well, as I loved him so very much. I guess I benefitted as well, as I got to see him in his last days of life.