Thursday, September 3, 2009

the artificial woman-pt 10..Was I supposed to be male?

I wondered after reading this.

Scientists find genetic cause of male infertility - Times Online

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Doreen said...

Hello. The answer to your question is quite easy, but you need to know your full karyotype. You know..that extremely complex code of your genetic (dna) makeup. When you were first diagnosed, the doctor took blood and determined that you had Turner's by the results of a specialized blood test. 45XO is considered "classic", 45XO/46XX is considered mosaic, 45XO/46XY is also considered mosaic. These are just three out of several different combination which might tell you the truth about who you were when you were conceived and who you are now..especially if one of those combinations included a remnant of a Y chromosome. Hope that help you get the answers to your question.