Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Search is Over

I will henceforth not look for paying work again. This despite the fact my husband and I are both unemployed, with a child, and I have a chronic illness. It's a bad idea.

Today begins a new unhappy era. The only solution I can see to this current problem is that I teach my son and husband to live in shit, which I am able to do.

I'd like to help him but I can't. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've been rendered useless. You can ask the experts, if you don't believe me.

Oh sure, there's government help. We should all use it and suck our pride up.

And the government just loves to provide quality, inexpensive healthcare too.

I'm so glad I've given up the stupid notion of working and ignored my instinct to try to help my family in its time of need.

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