Monday, November 12, 2012

Not home for the holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas will be different in the Godbey-Jones household. For the first time EVER, ewe will have the holiday dinner at a restaurant. If this experiment works, then perhaps we have started a new tradition, if not, then t back to the old tradition. 

My sister has always hosted Thanksgiving, and we host Christmas, but last year she tried to put together the big meal, while guests were staying at her house, and it was obviously a lot of work. Also, our parents live in apartment, without a traditional oven, or a dishwasher. Our kitchen and oven aren't big enough, (my sister has two ovens), so there you go, we will try something different.

We usually host Christmas, but this year, we will go to Chicago, because it's getting harder for my mother in law to travel, and we're overdue to go there for the holiday, as we haven't been since before Bruce and  I were married. Since we won't be home, we probably won't decorate the house. We aren't trying to be scrooges, but it just doesn't seem to make sense deck the halls, when no one will see them.

However you celebrate the holidays, enjoy and be thankful for each other!

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