Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm taking a detour from my reptile list to share some thoughts about the recent presidential election, in a place I hope is a safe and appropriate place to share my thoughts.

I very much understand that those who disagree with President are very passionate, and I'm assuming that they voted for Mitt Romney, as is their right. Some think this country, as we know it,  is over; that we are now a socialist nation, under the command of someone is who isn't Christian, or American; that we the people are takers, not makers.

I don't believe America is a socialist nation. Sweden may be closer to that model, but many are upset at the notion of the government trying to provide healthcare to its people, thus the concerns about socialism.  People want goods and services, but don't want to pay for them. Easier said than done. I would not want to live in a country with no government. I'm willing to pay taxes to promote the "general welfare" of my fellow Americans.

Regarding the president not being a Christian, didn't people kick up a fuss about his Pastor? Somehow, some people think that because Obama's father was Kenyan, he (Obama) is a Muslim, or maybe it's because Obama lived for a time in Indonesia. I believe people of all faiths should be welcome here.

Which brings me to Obama's citizenship. He produced a long and short form of his birth certificate, plus unless someone can argue the point Obama's mother was born here, Obama is a citizen.

I didn't vote for Romney, because since the economy is so bad, and Americans dislike taxes, it didn't make sense me to run a candidate who only paid 14%, according to the tax return he provided.

Enough. I've said my piece. This was way too long of an election cycle, and too expensive. My friend Rich said it best.

If your guy won, congratulations. If your guy lost, my condolences.

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