Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eden's Choice.

There are many things pressing on my mind. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned them all, but this past Thursday, I needed to make a decision. That day I had no other appointments, so I had the option(s) of:
  1. Visiting my aunt, who I have not seen since her Alzheimer's diagnosis.
  2. Accompanying my dad to an MRI. He's getting checked because he is noticing some changes in HIS memory.
  3. Visiting a friend(Lisa), who just had her second brain surgery.
I wanted to do all three, stupidly feeling like just my presence would help them, but I chose to make the drive to visit my friend, thinking she was in the most need of my support.

By the time I arrived at SW Washington Medical Center. I was sent home, as Lisa was not well enough for visitors. Thankfully her sister briefed me on her condition, and after being in ICU since last Wednesday, Lisa may finally be moved to a regular room tomorrow.

But I realize that I can't make anyone better just by being there. I have no power or control, and I keep wondering who does.

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