Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can God Cure Cancer Or Other Illnesses, and Does God Provide Jobs?

A brief update: My tumor may or may not be growing. It looked bigger on my last scan, but contrast didn't show any new growth. Still, my doctor is concerned enough about it, that for the time being, she is increasing the frequency of my MRIs. Meantime, my husband is back down to no job and no current prospects. After interviewing him six times, the company at which he most recently interviewed decided that it would restructure and not hire. Goody Gumdrops!

When I go through a bad patch in my life, some people will say that they will pray for me. That is there way of saying they care, and I appreciate it. What I don't understand in my naivete about God is: How does He get one through a difficult time? And if tragedy befalls someone despite prayer, why? Were there not enough prayers? Did God for some reason want the tragedy to happen, to teach a lesson? If I were a stronger believer, would I not have cancer, and would my husband have a job ?

Questions=Millions; Answers=0


TinaE said...

I know life seems horrible sometimes, but keep hanging on, girl. I think life can be excrutiatingly painful at times, but just bear down...take vitamins, minerals, drink lots of water. Get up and move. Walk, dance, ride a bike. Anything helps. Pray. It often feels The Great Being (i.e. God, the higher power, Buddha, whomever) doesn't listen, but I think he does. He just sometimes is trying to direct us. I don't know. I could be full of shit. Ha, ha!

Yukon said...

I second Tina E's emotions on all counts. Whatever there is, there is no guarantee. You are here to do the best you can with the situation you have and live and learn and muddle through as best you can. In the end, they say reality is subjective and so is our outlook on life. It's hard to remain positive. Mostly, many of us tend to look at what is wrong -- and you certainly have a legitimate laundry list. But yes, DANCE, do any small thing that brings you joy, if only for a moment. Have a moment each day of quite peace where you clear you mind and allow yourself to be who you are. Because whether you realize it or not -- who you are is FABULOUS!

Patricia Rogers said...

I don't know why God doesn't always help. If I ever get to see him I will be wanting to know. What I do know is that life isn't fair and you deserve better.
You do have to keep going. The only way is forward and things can and do change............ even if life sucks in the present. Find pleasure in the things that are right, small things, funny things. Remember "I'm not dead yet." I'll send you the link so that you can watch it again. None of us are dead yet and we need to make the most of every precious moment.