Monday, January 25, 2010

Patience and Grace.

I lost grace a long time ago, but now I'm losing patience, with my husband's job search, with my son's disrespect for our advice, and with my stupid brain.

My husband has had six interviews with the same company, and STILL no job offer. What do they want from him? But again, I was advised not to look for work, since I am DISABLED, so he has to carry all of this burden, or to put in differently. I am dependent on him. I don't like it. Sorry, but I don't.

It seems I spar almost daily with my son about homework, and he yells at me when I bring up the subject ( see today's earlier post).

And I had an MRI a week ago, and still don't know the results. To me it's like a parole hearing. I want to know if I have to be sent back to prison or free. Actually, I'm in prison until I die from this thing, or something else, as there is no cure for my cancer, but I'd like to know sooner what is happening to my body.

It's time for me to truly be the change I want to be.

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Yukon said...

You WILL be the change you can believe in. You ARE FABULOUS! Repeat daily, multiple times, until you believe it!