Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Sister

My sister Marie was born November 7, 1964, meaning a few days ago, she turned 45. The main thing I want to say about my sister is that I have always looked up to her. Although jealousy is a poisonous emotion, I am jealous of her. There, I said it.

At the same time, I give my sister many thanks. Thanks for finding our estranged grandma. Thanks for helping me find the best doctor to remove my tumor. Thanks for letting me take her boyfriend to my prom. Thanks for letting me hang out with her friends. I could go on and on.

I wonder where she gets it--her intelligence and beauty. They usually don't go together. I literally can't think of anything she CAN'T do. And this is where the jealousy comes in, because I can think of many things I can't do. It's just a fact.

My favorite memory of my sister is of her making forts out of branches in our pasture, back when we lived in Hillsboro. We spent a lot of time in the pasture, riding the ponies, feeding the ponies, and going to the far ends our property to see what adventures lay outside of it.

She has always tried to protect me, but we are both stubborn, so I don't always follow her advice.

But I DO listen. Happy Birthday Month Marie!

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