Monday, June 1, 2009

June: A Month of Anniversaries

But first a mention of our son's 11th birthday, which was yesterday, May 31, 2009. Like any mom, I have vivid memories of the day he was born.  Here are but a few:
  • He was born to his birthmother, with me about six friends of hers in the room.
  • My husband was asked to wait outside, so he brought a science fiction book. I ran back and forth with updates.
  • We named our son Austin, because it was a name we and our birthmother could agree on.
  • She gave him his middle name "Kyle".
  • Our birthmother got a phone call right before Austin was born (and still took it).
  • The nurse handed Austin to me before his birthmother.
  • Austin was born naturally.
  • Austin got to stay with his birthmother a few days before we brought him home.
  • He was 8 lbs. 5 oz. at birth.
  • He's now over 90 pounds and taller than his mom.

Other important dates this month:

June 3:  Dad's 72nd birthday;
June 11: Our 15th wedding anniversary;
June 16: 3 year anniversary of my brain cancer diagnosis;
June 27:  3-year anniversary of my awake craniotomy to remove (most of) said cancer;
June 30: I'm a little fuzzy on the date of this one because I was in the hospital when it happened, but on (or around) this date a very dear friend of the family died suddenly.

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