Friday, August 31, 2012

A Republican's Worst Nightmare

Election season makes me pissy. I've heard so much rhetoric about "Obamacare"and "job creators" that I can't seem to fit in with any political party, but especially the Republican party.

I get social security benefits, and medicare, which last time I checked are government programs. My Bad. These programs cost taxpayer money, and something needs to be done to keep these programs from going bankrupt. So, by extension, taxpayers are helping me, and they are pissed. They maybe wonder how a disabled person like myself can walk a few miles a day, take a nice vacation with her family, and get government benefits.

Two things.  First, my family pays taxes, even on my benefits. Secondly, I challenge anyone to have two brain surgeries(with more potentially on the way) and have the capacity to get through a day's work. I sometimes think the strange hours I worked in television contributed to my illness. I worked late nights, early mornings, 12-hour shifts, with constant audio-visual stimuli. No wonder I broke down.

I understand the Republican wish to reign in wasteful spending, but the party loses me, when it comes to its stances on social programs, and the role of government. When I was a college kid, and had the world ahead of me, I never envisioned needing any help.

But then, as a 32-year-old working mom, I began having seizures, which I would later find out were triggered by a brain tumor, a cancerous one, for which I am still undergoing chemotherapy. I need help-- to drive to the store, see friends, and get to doctor appointments.

Should I be ashamed that I need help?

Time will tell, but I don't think I'll get much, if Republicans are voted back into office.

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