Sunday, April 29, 2012

moving on

As I write this, it is a Sunday. In two-days time, my beloved parents will move out of what was supposed to be their retirement home, and move IN to a retirement village, where their meals will be provided for them, and transportation provided, as needed.

This is all mostly good. Mom and dad will still  be living together, but the move was mostly prompted by my dad's declining health, and my mom's increasing lack of ability to take care of him. He has dementia, diabetes, glaucoma, and a history of heart disease. My mother has been the one to remind him to take his medicine, and take his verbal abuse, when symptoms make him frustrated. The house they live in now works fine for folks with physical disabilities, but not so much for people with  these kinds of issues.

I credit my dad for wanting me to be smart, go to college and work. He also passed on to me his love for music.  However, he cannot always remember that I have cancer, or how I am being treated, and that makes me sad. They will be closer to me, and my mother still plans on driving me places that Bruce can't.

I'm 45, but I still need both my parents, and love them.

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